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Camera SAT 42H

Pluggable axial view camera for manual application




The optimal addition for your CCTV surveys in the smaller manual applications starting from 50mm

  • Permanent upright picture
  • Operated via delta / delta_pro hasp
  • Application from 50 to 200mm
  • Push cable up to 60m length
  • Integrated transmitter
  • Pressure sensor to monitor tightness
  • Sunshade for LCD monitor
  • Text overlay into video (incl. meter counter)



Technical data:



  • Dimensions: length 160mm 42mm
  • Weight 275 g
  • Protection IP68
  • Illumination by 21 white LED
  • 1/4"-CCD colour chip
  • Electronic diaphragm ELC
  • Resolution 380 TV lines
  • Angle of view 104º
  • Depth of field 30mm to infinite
  • Negotiates bend of 90º from 75 mm upwards


  • High tensile IP65 plastic housing
  • Up to 80 m cable length
  • Dimensions : LxWxH 707 x 595 x 382 mm
  • Weight: ca. 22 kg (incl. 80 m cable)
  • Adaptor cable for operation from main cable of RCA proline or ECO Star 300
  • Power supply: 110 - 230 V AV (50 - 60 Hz)