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    Lateral Tracking System


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    RCA 4.0

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    Everything under control

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Rausch on Tour

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New service and sales partner in Australia. With Austeck Pty Ltd, Rausch is further expanding international.

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PipeCommander Navigationsmodul

3D structure of pipe systems


PC_3D01PipeCommander allows by utilizing the data of the CCTV inspection to present the routing of the lines in a 3-dimensional model. In this way manhole positions, main lines and house connections can be pictured. Provided a respective satellite system is available, even additional house connections within house connections can be presented (arbitrarily cascadable).

During the inspection of house connections manifolds and bends can be measured by a special bow measurement system. The results will be correctly presented in the 3D view, too. The bow measurement system works as an optical gauging system to assign the angle within the live video image.


Via an import routine DXF files, e.g. from a GIS system, can be added to a project - including the associated data for the reaches and manholes. These will be presented the 3D viewer and underlined with the respective plan. Thereby it is possible to directly select the object to be inspected.

If previously unknown pipes are detected during the inspection, then these new pipes will be integrated into the existing network. Through an export function the data can subsequently be easily transferred to an existing data base (including the updated DXF file).